Tuesday, September 27, 2005

University Presidents

The WSJ features a truly excellent piece by Victor Davis Hanson on the state of today's universities. The article highlights the actions of four university presidents as representative of "the hypocrisy, faddishness, arrogance and intellectual cowardice {that} are among the ailments of the American university today". I highly recommend the article to everyone (make sure to read it in the next seven days after which it may no longer be available).

Note also that though the article is aimed at describing the situation in the universities as it currently exists, the only fair remedy to the problem is complete privatization of education. This would allow those who wish to spend their hard-earned dollars subsidizing the lovers of their university presidents, or supporting venom spewers such as Ward Churchill, to do so, while the rest of us would be free to use our money to further our values.


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