Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Gus Van Horn always has many notable observations and links on his site, but I found his last few posts particularly worthwhile. This post makes the case that the situation in France could perhaps better be termed an "insurgency" rather than just simple "rioting". (I also note that in the past I've seen quite a few articles and blog postings at Frontpage Magazine making the case that many European countries have allowed "nations within the nation", i.e. areas where the national legal system no longer holds sway, rather sharia law is the de facto law.)

This post shows that Chavez, though he gets the most media attention, emphatically does not represent the mentality of central and south America, and that in general leaders from the rest of that area reject his claims and are eager to improve ties to the US, particularly through free trade pacts.

Finally, Gus drew my attention to a Dalrymple article which I hadn't yet seen (I'm a fan of his writing, but haven't yet made the time to read more than a few of his essays).

So many thanks Gus.


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You're welcome! Thank you for the plug!


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