Monday, December 05, 2005

Virtue Can Lead to Wealth, but Not Vice Versa

A story in today's NY Times serves as another example of the fact that one must have a moral character worthy of one's money, i.e. that unearned wealth cannot create the virtues necessary to produce it, and without those virtues, windfalls can be more detrimental than positive. From the story:
In 2003, just three years after cashing in his winning ticket, Mr. Metcalf died of complications relating to alcoholism at the age of 45. Then on the day before Thanksgiving, Ms. Merida's partly decomposed body was found in her bed. Authorities said they have found no evidence of foul play and are looking into the possibility of a drug overdose. She was 51.


Blogger Rob Tarr said...

Great concretization!

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Belushi, before he died of a drug overdose said, "the better it gets, the worse it gets."

When I read that quote, I thought of Ayn Rand's comment that one must be equal to his money.

8:06 AM  

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