Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Day Another Death Threat

Islamists continue to show their bloodthirst:

-Imam Ahmed Akkari has this to say about cultural Muslim Naser Khader (see previous post):
“If he becomes Foreign or Immigration Minister, one should send a couple of guys to blow up both him and the ministry"
Nothing like using free speech to engage an opponent intellectually (oops, I forgot, Islamists have no intellectual arguments).

-netWMd has referred this threat to the Australian and American authorities.

-Yale's recruiting coup, Taliban barbarian Hashmi, was involved in a situation similar to that seen with Abdul Rahman:
In late summer of 2001, as Al-Qaeda was planning their murderous venture, the Taliban was spinning their “trial” of eight foreign aid workers, including two Americans, and sixteen Afghan Christians whom they accused of secretly proselytizing—and who, it emerged, faced the death penalty.

How could the Taliban possibly justify such a barbaric practice? They didn’t really even try. According to Canadian Channel CTV, "Their priority was to propagate Christianity which they were not supposed to do here," as Sayed Rehmatullah Hashmi, an aide to the Taleban's foreign minister, told reporters.
Finally, this brutal story concretizes the evils endemic in societies ruled by Islamists. Use it as motivation if you haven't yet found the energy to fight for Western values and society.


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