Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a Difference

Update: Apparently this story was not true, so I'm retracting this whole post. Not sure if it is better to just delete it, or to place this update on it? What is blogging protocol for this type of situation?

In any case, Jihad Watch has more details on the retraction.

AP coverage of the event.Now the Islamists are even going after the kids of the Danish cartoonists:
Not at school

Rohde says that the 12 cartoonists have had their lives overturned and are now living in hiding, after receiving several death threats.

"And a daughter of one of cartoonist was sought out by 12 Moslem males - they were looking to get to her. Fortunately she wasn’t at school," Jens Rohde said.
It's interesting that in the West, the worst people in society, i.e. those incarcerated for violent crimes, are known to enact retribution on any child-molestor or child-killer. But with Islamists, even the best, i.e. the mythical "moderate muslim" doesn't come out and ardently/forcefully stop this type of behavior from their co-religionists.


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