Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Free-Spending Republicans

An editorial in the WSJ today shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that republicans are no more fiscally responsible than are democrats, and the difference can't be explained by increased military spending (an explanation that I would be ok with).
The Heritage Foundation reported last week that this sixth year of a Republican Presidency and Congress will see government expenditures of $23,760 per household--$6,500 more than when they came to power in 2001 and the highest inflation-adjusted annual spending since World War II. Excluding homeland security, domestic discretionary spending has increased 7.6% per year. Education spending is up 139%; energy spending has doubled, and the Bush Medicare prescription drug bill will add $33 billion a year to federal expenditures.


Blogger George Mason said...

Republicans are Democrats in drag.

The clearest example I have seen in a long time came from this so-called "universal health insurance" law in Massachusetts. Republican governor Romney bragged all over the airwaves that this act, his bill, was a classic. And, indeed it was. It was Democrat principles implemented through a Republican filter. The thing he liked about this "Republican filter" the most was that it "reformed the market."

In a mixed economy, such as we still have at present, all the varieties of socialism run together. This makes it hard to call one item, say, communist, another, say, social democrat, yet another, say, fascist. And so on. It reminds me of going into a saloon, with bottle after bottle lined up in front the mirror behind the bartender. When he asks, What'll you have, you really have a quandry. Every liquid in every bottle is poisonous, although each acts in minor ways differently from its neighboring liquids. The answer is "None," followed by a quick trip down the street to get a big dose of capitalism.

We already know Democrats so really do not have to discuss them. We need to rip the masks off the Republicans.

Fire them all.

10:12 AM  

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