Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blog Roll Additions

I have just added "Mike's Eyes" to the blogroll. Mike seems to have a very grounded approach in looking at issues. For instance, I liked this post on "proportionality" which includes the following:
For example, you are attacked by a virus and become ill. You go to a doctor and he identifies the virus. But then he tells you that he is not going to give you enough vaccine to kill the virus and return you to health. Instead, because he believes in proportionality, he is only going to give you enough vaccine to make the virus as sick as you are.

What would you think about that? Would you want this doctor to draw up your family health plan? Would you want to see doctors with this kind of thinking in charge of world health? And what do you think would happen to world health if they were?
[As an aside to my biologist friends, I realize that strictly speaking one might not be able to make a virus (which is only quasi-life-like) "sick", but nonetheless the spirit of the analogy is quite helpful, and Mike has many more of them throughout his posts.]

I have also added a link to Mark Steyn's Chicago Sun Times columns in the "Jihadist Threat" section of the sidebar. As always, blogs in that section are there because they often provide insight into Islamism, not because I like or agree with their views on other topics. (In fact I often vehemently disagree with them on other matters.)


Blogger Michael Neibel said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I sure appreciate it.

Mike at Mike's Eyes

8:14 PM  

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