Friday, July 14, 2006

Muslim Informant

This is an encouraging and fascinating interview with a Muslim informant who recently helped catch 17 Islamic terrorists in Canada. Would that more Muslims follow his courageous lead. (Click on "Video Feature - Bomb Plot Mole" on right hand side bar for 9 minute video, click on "Linden MacIntyre reports for CBC-TV" for 4:05 min intro video).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes he was honorable. But he based his decision on religion. He even went so far as to consult Islamic clerics about going undercover! That could have been a disaster for him. I would rather have heard him explicitly denounce Islam like Wafa Sultan. Sadly, I could see his story being manipulated by the Left to push the "moderate Muslim" myth.

D. Eastbrook

9:02 AM  

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