Friday, July 07, 2006

NYT's Chief Hypocrite

I find Paul Krugman to be one of the most dishonest, hypocritical and illogical commentators out there, so I couldn't help but smile at this Tim Blair posting (copied in its entirety, link in original):
In the wake of Enron founder Ken Lay’s death, Mark Steyn reminds us that NYT columnist Paul Krugman received $50,000 for serving on Enron’s advisory board:
Fifty-thousand dollars is a high price to pay even for prestigious nothing. It’s 10,000 more than the median household income of the United States, never mind all those little folks the Prof feels so badly for. The man who sneers at the malign influence of Enron money on Republican politicians - or, as he calls them “the people Enron put in the White House"- has received more money from Enron than any member of the House of Representatives. If he were in the Senate, where 71 of 100 members have been endowed with Enron moolah, he would rank in that crowded field as the third biggest beneficiary of the company’s generosity.
The above was written in 2002. Krugman is still on staff at the NYT.


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