Friday, July 28, 2006

Withdraw from the United Nations

This is a good summary of the latest UN perfidy. I wish that someone could explain to me why the US condones and sanctions such a group, not only by belonging to it, but also by being its primary source of funds?

On the other hand, Elan Journo provides moral arguments for abandoning the UN posthaste, while Mark Steyn takes a closer look at the practical consequences of operating an institution made up largely of dictators and criminals.

(As an aside, it seems to me that for those people who aren't interested in changing the culture at a deeper level, but instead want to take specific political actions, working towards our withdrawal from the UN would be an ideal and invaluable project.)

See also this and, for a laugh, this.


Blogger Gideon said...

This would indeed be a worthwhile project (activism to encourage the US to leave the UN). Just getting to the point where this can be seriously discussed as a reasonable position would be an achievement. Of course, we presently stay in the UN because all our intellectual presently think it's a good thing. As usual the solution lies with New Intellectuals who would advocate a more rational position.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would have made sense for US to withdraw from UN till about two decades ago. It would have made even more sense if the US had chosen not to join the UN when some leftist politicians from around the world first conceived this stupid organization after the World War II.

But now the US is much weaker, it hardly has the power to take on the enemies that it has around the world and within its own borders. Now US cannot afford to leave the UN – this is the political reality. The weak US of today needs UN in order to survive in the big bad world.

I know it sounds pessimistic but that is the political reality of the World we live in today. Those who are clamoring for US withdraw from UN are living in a fool’s paradise, they tend to overestimate the US and underestimate its enemies (A very dangerous syndrome).

11:15 PM  

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