Monday, August 21, 2006

Catholic Sharia Coming Soon?

For those who think Islam (due to being "unreformed") is the only religion trying to instill its values and laws on the rest of us, I give you the example of Tom Monaghan (of Domino's Pizza) who is funding not only catholic schools and universities but also a Law School -- all in the effort to "get people into heaven". According to the WSJ:
The next phase of Mr. Monaghan's pedagogical crusade began in 2000, when the Ave Maria School of Law opened its doors in Ann Arbor. Big-time conservative Catholics signed up. Clarence Thomas gave a lecture. Robert Bork co-taught a class. Princeton professor Robert George joined the board; so did Henry Hyde and Cardinal O'Connor. Everyone involved, particularly the students and faculty, was vetted with care. They had to buy into the mission: "a legal education in fidelity to the Catholic Faith as expressed through Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the teaching authority of the Church." Mr. Monaghan estimates that he has put $69 million into the law school and he has seen some outstanding results. The first class had the highest bar passage rate in the state, and the school earned full ABA accreditation in the shortest possible time.
In a free society, everyone has the right to teach their ideas, but the point, as I tried to stress in my previous post, is that views in politics and law are necessarily driven by deeper philosophical ideas. So given that religionists of all stripes believe knowledge is revealed by divine grace -- rather than being discovered by humans employing their faculty of reason in a definite way -- catholics will seek to convert and control us (for our own good of course) just as Islamists will. Naturally they must be challenged at all levels, but it is particularly important that they be refuted at the fundamental levels of epistemology and ethics.

[PS the internecine conflicts and lunacy which the rest of the article describes is, I think, par for the course when explicitly faith-driven people interact.]


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