Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fantasy Football

I plan to play fantasy football this season on the free fantasy football challenge site in division 5 under the team name icemen069. If others are interested in playing, I think it would be fun to all compete in the same division. Leave a comment here with your team name so that we can track results during the season. (Tara Smith mentioned during the Q&A session of her Irvine Hyatt talk that she's a big ff fan, if anyone knows her personally, please feel free to encourage her to join too.)

Update: It looks like they are still setting up this year's databases, so the ff site isn't yet available to make one's picks. I think things should be ready early next week, and will post to the comments when I'm able to pick my team. To get a quick idea of the 5 contests, mouse over the names on the left sidebar under "Contests". For exact details, see the "rules" tab in the team management section. If something doesn't make sense, post questions to comments and I'll try to answer them based on my experience from last year.


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