Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inconsistency Has No Appeal

As much as I sympathize with anyone trying to stand up to the rabid Islamists, in watching the videos of these "moderate" muslims, I was struck by how hopeless their position truly is. That is, they accept all the claims of the fundamentalist muslims, but then ask that one not take the ideas too seriously. Or to look at it another way, the fundamentalists can better be classified as "consistent" muslims, while the "moderates" are more accurately described as "inconsistent" muslims.

Who is going to be swayed by a call to inconsistency?

The only hope any opposition has of challenging the fundamentalist is to disavow his ideas at their root and then offer different (better) ones. Trying to have it both ways (we believe the teachings and the method but don't want to go to "extremes") has no logical or emotional appeal and so can't win. Of course the fundamentalists don't even see this -- as they are beyond any type of reasoning -- so, predictably, they've responded with death threats.


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