Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pragmatic Mentality

I've always thought Cramer to be a bit of an idiot, but after seeing this video I think it's more accurate to classify him as possessing an incredibly short-term mentality (which I think is much more dangerous than someone who just lacks intelligence).


Blogger SecFox HQ said...

I used to watch him regularly, but I kept noticing that when Cramer got down to the basic facts of an issue, he spoke out against capitalism, most of the time. At best, he is amoral. At worst, he is viciously anti-capitalist. With a "good friend" like Elliot Spitzer, to boot. He openly states, he merely wants to "make money"-- without regard to consequences.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Galileo Blogs said...

I echo blair's comments. He is a very intelligent man, but is completely amoral. In some of his comments in this video, he advocates deception. I wonder if some of these practices could even amount to some sort of fraud, even judged by rational standards (not today's "consumerist" standards). At the very least, he is someone I would be very cautious about doing business with. I would certainly be extremely cautious about investing in any of his picks. Just why does he "offer" his stock advice to the masses? I suspect he already has positions in the stock he hypes, positions that become a lot more valuable after herds of sheep-like CNBC viewers pile into or out of the stocks he picks or pans.

He is a colorful fellow. That aspect of him I like, but until I believe I have him "figured out", I am highly suspicious of this stock jockey.

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