Friday, May 11, 2007

Crossfit Rest Day Links

A couple of links via today's crossfit rest day post. First some incredible gymnastics (they call it sports acrobatics) in the style of cirque du soleil tricks. I really love this stuff! Second, and totally unrelated, an article on the politicization of science by the IPCC (which I haven't yet read, but on a cursory glance looks worthwhile).

Update: I guess this should serve as a lesson to me to read any article before posting it! The Spiegel article is a disaster (as commenters have already noted) and I apologize for even having posted here.


Blogger Michael Neibel said...

I think the article by Ewe Buse is ok as far as showing the politicization of science where the IPCC is concerned even though I didn't think he went deep enough. I disagree with his description of how meticulous the IPCC is. This may be true of the various ARs but is certainly not true of the SPMs.

And Mr. Buse is wrong when he contends that Richard Lindzen is the only IPCC critic that is that vociferous. There are others equally so. And the idea that Mr. Lindzen's criticisms are just claims is also off the mark. I'v read some of Lindzen's articles and he is not in the habit of making arbitrary claims.

Otherwise, the article does show some politicization of science, more evidence of why science needs to be removed from government.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Amit Ghate said...

Thanks Mike!

I've printed it out and plan to read it this weekend. My guess is that I'll probably end up agreeing with your comments...

12:54 PM  
Blogger Michael Caution said...

"The problem is that the IPCC is not a political group whose goal is to exert pressure, but a scientific institution and panel of experts."

Really? A bureaucratic style committee formed by an "intergovernmental" agency, being that of the United Nations which is itself the epitome of world politic is not "a political group", how could that be? Not to mention, as the author even states in the article, these scientist's research depends upon political pull, as it is funded by government whim.

Give me a break, Mr. Buse. Read your own words before you choose to blank out.

6:06 PM  

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