Saturday, June 16, 2007

Osirak Bombing

This is a fascinating documentary on the bombing of the Osirak reactor. It's a reminder of how much we owe to the courageous actions of the Israelis and an example of the benefits of assertively engaging in self-defense.

On the negative side, not only does if make one wonder why the US won't act similarly with Iran, but also shows the immorality of our historical and continued hindering of Israel's ability to act in its own self defense. France's role in providing Iraq with the reactor is also something to remember every time we're asked to subject our actions to their approval.

Finally, while watching, be sure to contrast the skill and efficacy of morally self-confident men with the bungling that occurs under the leadership of moral degenerates such as former president Carter.


Blogger Galileo Blogs said...

I remember when the Osirik reactor was bombed. Ronald Reagan loudly denounced it.

Some people expect Israel to do our fighting today in Iran. Israel may or may not do it. Whether they do it, it is cowardly and pathetic that a country of our size, which is an order of magnitude larger and wealthier than Israel, passively and resentfully waits and hopes for that country to defend us by defending itself. Moreover, they would have to do it against a country, Iran, that is much larger than they are.

America's behavior toward Israel reminds me of when Ancient Rome invited nearby barbarians into their military to defend their empire, and then humiliated and enslaved them.

Look what happened to Rome.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Amit Ghate said...

Interesting, I didn't realize that Reagan had condemned the bombing. It's always sad to see the extent of our moral cowardice.

Thanks also for the Roman analogy, I think it's quite apt!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Galileo Blogs said...

Yes, but Reagan's condemnation of the Osirik bombing was eclipsed by George Bush, Sr.'s stated reason for ending the first Iraqi war. When the United States was slaughtering wholesale the Republican Guard on the "highway of death" leading from Kuwait to Iraq, he called off the war, stating that he did it for "humanitarian" reasons. In other words, he called off the war to save the lives of the Republican Guards.

These were the same people who used power drills to torture victims in Kuwait. (Interestingly, today people are tortured the same way in Iraq, probably by some of the same people saved by George Bush I.)

Ah, well, we know the Republicans really don't stand for anything much at all, although some Republicans are a little better than others.

We do know that all of them are pragmatists, of varying degrees.

6:29 PM  

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