Sunday, July 15, 2007

Citizen Counter-Terrorist

Still running behind, but I thought this was worth passing on (though I haven't yet read the source document) : "Out of Montana" which describes an interesting case of civilian counter-terrorism (HT Crossfit). I tend to agree with the sad observation (which could as easily have invoked the public's infatuation with Britney Spears and Anna Nicole):
Ironically if Rossmiller had been engaged in important sleuthing such as uncovering whether Scooter Libby had talked about Valerie Plame before or after Richard Armitage instead of the trivial pursuit of hunting down terrorists intent on mass murder or traitors selling their country's secrets, her story might already be the subject of a blockbuster movie instead of the obscure pages of Middle East Forum. Rossmiller would be on the Good Morning America and Oprah shows, pulling in money instead of shelling it out for personal security.


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