Saturday, March 29, 2008


If you want to visually concretize the impact of Islamic Totalitarianism, watch this film. (And if you desire to stand with those who fight this monstrous attack on secular, Western values, pass the link on.) Note however, that I don't think the film makes any fundamental intellectual arguments, nor do I agree with many that it does make, for instance I don't think that the number of people from Muslim background who immigrate to Holland or Europe makes a whit of difference, they're volitional just as all men are, and what counts is what ideas they hold. Get rid of the West's ridiculous and perverse infatuation with multiculturalism -- and instead firmly and uncompromisingly advocate for reason and secular life, and they can be convinced just as people of any religion or cultural background can be.

Also, I think the quote at 8:02 "Fight them until there is no dissension" crystallizes the effect of following faith rather than reason. Without reason, the only way to resolve differences is through force, as the whole history of theocratic regimes (Christian, Muslim or otherwise) has proven.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

and they can be convinced just as people of any religion or cultural background can be.

That is precisely what the mullahs fear -- that what tamed Christianity in the 18th century can do the same to them.

But like any scared bully who pushes and pushes his victim with ever-increasing boldness, they are discovering that the taming force is gone. I hope it can return before the bully decides to go for broke.

(not to mention before the Christians start to discover that no one is holding their leash.)

12:04 PM  
Blogger Amit Ghate said...

Well said Jim. (And I hope the Christians don't turn that leash around.)

8:45 PM  

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