Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vulnerability has a strength of its own.

On the advice of a Noodlefood commenter (PMB), I'm reading William Zinsser's "On Writing Well". In it I came across this passage which I thought was worth passing on both for its sentiment and its turn-of-phrase:
My encounter with the principals began when I got a call from Ernest B. Fleishman, superintendent of schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. "We'd like you to come 'dejargonize' us," he said. We don't think we can teach students to write unless all of us at the top of the school system clean up our own writing." ...

What appealed to me was the willingness of Dr. Fleishman and his colleagues to make themselves vulnerable; vulnerability has a strength of its own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always thought the the Japanese tea ceremony is a inadvertent demonstration of extreme power and strength

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