Thursday, November 05, 2009

Send your Congressmen a NO on Socialized Medicine

Here's a link to make sending your congressmen a NO on socialized medicine easy. Please use it (it allows you to put in your own text or use theirs if you don't have time to compose your own). I used Jason Crawford's succinct message (via OActivists) which he has graciously allowed others to use too:
The Wall Street Journal calls Pelosi's bill "the worst bill ever". I agree.

Please vote NO to socialized medicine, to "universal coverage", to any "public option" or "single-payer" system, and to any expansion of government control over health care.

Please vote YES for real reform and increased *freedom* in health care, especially repeal of insurance mandates, opening insurance across state lines, and opening HSAs to everyone.

Please do NOT help pass a compromise bill! We don't need compromise with socialized medicine, we need to defeat it.

Health care is not a right! It is a service to be bought and paid for. And doctors, hospitals, and patients should have the right and the freedom to deal with each other any way they want.


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Thanks. I just emailed my congressmen.

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