Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heschel Walker

I really wish Herschel Walker had opted to play in the NFL his whole career. It would have been interesting to see how he did given his seemingly freakish athletic prowess and legendary physical fitness.

What brings this thought on? Walker is going to fight his first MMA fight at the ripe age of 47. Here's how the athletic commission's doctors evaluate him:
Commission head physician Dr. Allan Fields, who oversaw the stress test on Walker’s heart, said that Walker’s heart functions better than any individual tested at the cardiac institution that handled the testing. “He’s in as fine a shape as [a prime] Muhammad Ali or any of these people we’ve had under our care,” said Fields, who has been a physician with the U.S. Olympic boxing team. “This guy is 47 going on 22, as far as his physical fitness goes.”


Blogger Paul Hsieh said...

Coincidentally, one of my patients today was a Mixed Martial Arts professional.

I asked him about Walker. His view was that a lot of professional athletes from football and baseball mistakenly think that MMA is easier than it really is.

He think that even though Walker may be in good physical shape, he will be in for a surprise when he competes against others with serious martial arts skills. So either Walker (or his opponents) will get a reality-check soon.

Should be interesting!

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