Monday, January 18, 2010

Say No to a Health Insurance Czar

Paul Hsieh has another good editorial up at PajamasMedia. Here's the comment I left:
Thanks for the article Dr. Hsieh.

To echo Roxanne A’s thoughts, and to contradict goy’s claim that discussion of czars is a “distraction”, I’d suggest that your point fits a bigger picture. Any attempt to bypass the minds of individual citizens, which means bypassing their knowledge and personal values, is doomed to failure. Primarily because doing so thwarts each person’s ability to choose and achieve his own values -- in the process grinding away at his independence, self-sufficiency and sense of personal responsibility. Secondarily because no one person, or cabal of people, can hold the knowledge of supply and demand (and all their inputs) necessary for an economy to function properly. Installing czars anywhere in the political landscape can therefore do nothing but accelerate the on-going corrosion of individual autonomy and of economic success we see all around us.


Blogger Paul Hsieh said...

Thanks for your supportive comment at PJM!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Taisha said...

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