Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucidicus Project

The Lucidicus Project is engaged in an interesting form of activism: they provide intellectual self-defense kits to students entering the medical field. Here's a description of the latest recipient, the full list is available here.
The Lucidicus Project is proud to award its fifty-fourth self-defense kit today to Gem M., an honors biology student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Gem is strongly considering in a career in medicine. She has looked into it extensively and even attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on medicine (a 10-day program for students interested in pre-medical studies). She is passionate about the field, but her parents—both of whom are physicians—are discouraging her from going to medical school. In their view, with the politicization and possible government takeover of healthcare, it would be in Gem's best interest to pursue a different career path. Interestingly, it was Gem's mother who suggested that she request a kit from The Lucidicus Project and learn about how physicians need to defend themselves and their profession. Gem is hoping that the materials in the kit will help her better understand what doctors are up against, and that this new perspective will help her make an informed decision about her career.


Blogger Burgess Laughlin said...

This is activism at its best. The activists are taking action in a field they are passionate and knowledgeable about.

They are addressing a rational audience -- those who have fundamentally objective values and active minds.

They are speaking in an objective manner -- quietly presenting evidence and logical arguments -- not screaming at or insulting others.

They are taking a long-term view, one based on the fact that ideas matter, that is, ideas cause actions and such actions will change our world for the better.

That approach was the approach philosopher of reason Ayn Rand took.

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