Friday, March 12, 2010

A Dr. Speaks Out Against Obamacare

This is an excellent editorial opposing "Obamacare". It deserves to be widely circulated. Here are a few excerpts, but be sure to read the whole thing (and then forward it to friends and acquaintances):
Obamacare will further diminish access to health care by lowering reimbursements for medical care without regard to the costs of that care. Price controls have failed spectacularly wherever they've been tried. They have turned neighborhoods into slums and have caused supply chains to dry up when producers can no longer profit from providing their goods. Remember the Carter-era gas lines? Medical care is not immune from this economic reality. We cannot hope that our best and brightest will pursue a career in medicine, setting aside years of their lives - for me, 13 years of school and training - to enter a field that might not even pay for the student loans it took to get there.


This free-market approach has worked for everything from high-definition TVs to breakfast cereals, but will it work for medicine? It already is. Take Lasik eye surgery, for example. Because patients are allowed to be informed consumers and can shop anywhere, doctors work hard for their business. Services, availability and expertise have all increased, and costs have decreased. Should consumers demand it, insurance companies - now answerable to you rather than your employer - would cover it.
As an added "bonus", the article is another illustration that free thought is the province of the individual--our ideas aren't determined by our upbringing or genes (the author is Obama's second cousin).

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