Saturday, April 03, 2010

Czar Wars

My new editorial "Czar Wars: Can the Rebels Fight Back?" is now out at Pajamas Media. (They chose that title, I'd suggested "Czars vs. America".) Here's the opening paragraph:
In recent years our nation has been beset by a proliferation of political “czars.” Pay czars determine compensation. Auto czars hire and fire CEOs. Last year the Van Jones fiasco captured headlines. There’s even been talk of a health insurance czar. Yet while each of the individual news items received appropriate attention from better commentators, the phenomenon as a whole has not. Looked at from a wider perspective, there’s something troubling about Americans’ new willingness to accept and submit to authority. If we’re to turn the country around, this is an issue we must understand and confront.
Please feel free to leave comments or pass the link on. The more visible interest a piece receives, the more likely it is for the editors to accept future submissions.

I'd also like to extend my thanks to Lucy Hugel and particularly Wayne Marrs for their editorial comments.


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