Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Worthwhile and Complementary Political Strategy

I like the idea of aiding and grooming young liberty-minded politicians before they become swept up in the two party system.  Bill Frezza describes how one young activist is doing just that:

John patiently addressed my objections. (It took a lot of effort to get him to stop calling me “Sir.”) He explained that he is playing the long game, the results of which may not pan out in his lifetime. The PAC he founded is laser-focused on winning elections where they are actually winnable. That means avoiding large, publicity-generating national contests, while focusing down the ticket instead.
Liberty for All targets winnable elections in small congressional districts, town councils, and school boards, with maybe a mayoral contest here or there. The idea is to help launch the careers of a new generation of libertarian-leaning politicians inside both parties by studying where lightning strikes of money can tip the balance, without attracting counter-strikes by big government lobbies from either the left or right. Liberty for All’s brochure quotes Clausewitz on the need for superiority of force at the point of attack. Like I said, John has done his homework.


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