Thursday, October 25, 2012

Politicized "Science"

A good article summarizing new temperature data which further suggests that the threat of out-of-control AGW is a fraud.  And while science can be used to combat these frauds on a piecemeal basis, only challenging the underlying philosophy will have wholesale effects (i.e. will stop new variants from popping up ad infinitum.)  Such a challenge would include fighting for privatizing science, I might add.


Anonymous Steve D said...

I was under the impression that 16 years ago the temperature was at an artificially high level due to a El-NiƱo or similar event and that if you adjust for outside factors (like volcanoes and other events) a steady and gradual increase in surface temperature which correlates to the increase of atmospheric CO2 (but not positive feedback) can be demonstrated.

Therefore 16 years of steady temperatures is really no evidence one way or another.

In truth the proper comparison for this experiment (AGW) is not 16 years ago. It is the average temperature of the earth today if human activity had not occurred. Those two temperatures will probably not be the same.

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