Thursday, October 04, 2012

We're Not Giving Freedom of Speech Away

The second half of this Pat Condell video is very good (around 3:20).


Blogger nj said...

Hi there...i read an article you wrote for Capitalist Magazine and followed the link on your byline to take a look at your blog. I watched a couple of videos you had posted and looked over some of your writing. You seem to want, as i do, a world free from terrorism and forced ideologies.

The reason i decided to try to contact you is because the description you gave of yourself in the magazine was "full time trader and short seller". I hope you have control over whether comments in this area are automatically posted, since i don't know if this is one you would want anyone to read.

Because of recent changes in my life that are beyond my control, i'm prepared to risk the small amount of money i have to try to increase it rapidly. I've tried to educate myself about making money the way you do - various ways in the Market - but i see that it would take more time then i have. My health and my personal circumstances have done such an about face that in spite of the fact that i've always been successful and unafraid, i find myself unable to support myself properly and afraid of how little time i have to turn my reality around.

Is it possible that you would give me advice about how to make strategic but risky income that - if successful - would bring high percentage returns? You understand that i'm not expecting absolutes and i know that potential loss is a's just that the realities that face me too quickly to overcome leave me with nothing to lose. In other words, if i don't do something drastic i'm shortly going to find myself in a situation that nothing will fix. I'd rather roll the dice myself than have circumstance leave me with no choices.

Pardon me if i put you on the spot, but i feel as if you have little to lose in this circumstance, too. If you advise me and i manage to make enough money to keep me afloat you'll find i'll be a very useful reference should you want to prove that your advice has had success. I hope that you will, at least, write back to brush me off if that is your choice. Either way, thank you for the collection of interesting reading. I'm sure i'll visit your blog again when time permits..............thanks for your time, nj

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