Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Appreciating the Rule of Law

It's sad to see the rampant corruption in Mexico, but as this story helps illustrate, some countries, such as Canada, still benefit from a general rule of law.  Let's hope that that's something we can maintain here in the US as well.


Anonymous Steve D said...

Canada has a small ‘l’ libertarian prime minister. At the moment it is the freest and has the strongest economy of any major industrialized country.
I’m a Canadian and now for first time in my life; Canada has surpassed the US in most major economic and liberty indicators. A lot of this is because of the huge turn to the left in the US; but Canada has made some progress in the right direction and some good decisions in the last few years. Unless the prevailing culture can be turned this will no doubt turn out to be a flash in the pan but for now Canada is a beacon to the world.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Amit Ghate said...

I'm a Canadian too, though I live in the US. I agree with your comment and it's always nice to have a potential "fallback" if things continue to deteriorate here (though I plan on doing what I can to help prevent/forestall that).

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Steve D said...

It’s interesting to note how strong Objectivist/libertarian culture is in Canada and amongst Canadians.
I live in the US as well; for now. I just wish Canada would beef up its military, since everything I know points to a coming much more dangerous world. If and when the US falls, it will fall hard. There won’t be a whole lot of allies to be had.
That I think is the major danger for the US; foreign autocracies may finish or undermine us before we have a chance to recover a better culture.

7:06 PM  

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