Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blog Baptism

Now that this blog is up and running, I figured I ought to come up with a better name for it. The name should be short, catchy, and hip; so that on the off-chance someone links to it, they can “hat tip” a cool name, not “Amit’s Blog”. Given that my primary hobby is bouldering, I thought picking a word from its jargon fit the need for the blog's name to be vaguely self-referential, while still being unusual enough not to pop up everywhere on the internet.

Thrutch. You won’t find it any dictionary, which in and of itself indicates how cool it is, but as far as I can make out, “to thrutch (vt.) is to extend one’s reach using momentum gained by thrusting of one’s pelvis and hips”. Now, any word that denotes thrusting of the pelvis is already one I’m predisposed to, but I also like the metaphor of learning to extend oneself to grasp that which had previously been just out of reach.

So there you have it, I proudly give you Thrutch.


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