Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Futile Argument

I just read a short news release from Hydro One which "condemns the Society of Energy Professional's picketing activity at the Nanticoke Generating Station".

Was it because they believed they had the right to set the terms by which they would operate their own business? No. Was it because they saw that many workers were crossing the picket lines - implying that these workers felt that they were being fairly compensated? No. Instead, here is their reasoning:

"The union's behaviour today sets a new low and is tantamount to industrial terrorism" said Peter Gregg, VP of Corporate Communications. "They are essentially telling Ontarians that the union's self-interested demands are more important than each Ontarian's right to electricity."

So they are condemning self-interest and upholding "Ontarian's right to electricity" (which they themselves help in providing). It will be hard to shed a tear for them, if and when they have to defend themselves against future government regulations and expropriations.

We sure have a long way to go....


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