Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cartoon Update

Steven Brockerman at American Renaissance has posted cartoons drawn from the Islamic press (HT The Simplest Thing). When you look at them, think not of the hypocrisy of the Islamists, as they have never claimed to be objective or fair. No, wonder instead why the fact that these types of cartoons are prevalent in Islamic publications is so rarely mentioned, let alone highlighted in our Western mainstream media -- yet this media claims to be objectively reporting all the crucial facts. And then ask yourself if perhaps it’s impossible to report objectively when your self- proclaimed, over-riding concern is not to report facts but to be “sensitive” to anyone’s feelings (particularly if they are felt by thugs wielding guns.) The sad conclusion which emerges from all of this is that currently the sole hope for free press lies in the blogosphere; should it be suppressed, there will be no means left to express dissenting or unpopular views, after which dictatorship will all but be assured.

The zombie link showing the Danish cartoons and previous historical depictions of Mohammed is not working today. I don’t know if it is the result of hacking (see Michelle Malkin’s piece) or something benign. As an alternate, you can see the pictures and maps of the conflict at Face of Muhammed (HT Cox and Forkum).

I intended to link to this excellent post by Grant Jones (featuring an excerpt from Leonard Peikoff’s response to the Rushdie affair) a while back, but somehow forgot to do it. Sorry for the omission.


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