Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crossfit Games

Sorry for the paucity of posts lately. I've gotten behind on my daily routine and workload. One big contributor was our attending the crossfit games last weekend. It was an incredible and inspiring event. The calibre of the programming, organization and, of course, athletes was amazing. I'm very motivated to start training harder and perhaps participate in local events (which feature the same types of programming but at reduced or scaled weights and durations).

The weekend was full of amazing performances and I came away with a new favorite athlete to go along with Chris Spealler. Kristan Clever, at 5'2" and 130 lbs., finished in first or second of every event except the sandbag event where she had a mishap with her wheelbarrow. She's simply amazing at everything and, imo, the most well-rounded athlete that's participated in the games to date. In fact the single most impressive thing at the games from my standpoint was her putting 205 lbs overhead 90s after doing an 18 minute strenuous endurance event ("Hellen"). (The next best was Chris Spealler's performance in event 1). Here's Josh Everett's take on the two:
My jaw dropped when I witnessed Chris Spealler in the Snatch/Muscle-up event. For anyone other than a national level olympic weightlifter, a bodyweight snatch is considered an impressive feat and is very rare. Spealler did 21 bodyweight snatches and 21 muscle-ups in 3:29. That was one of the most impressive athletic performances I have ever witnessed

Kristen Clever's shoulder-to-overhead of 205 lb. immediately following “Hell-in” was stunning. That lift would be competitive for her weight class at the national level. The ability to put up a weight like that while in such a fatigued state is unheard of.


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