Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More on the Implementation of Obamacare

Here are two more good articles:

On why states should be motivated to avoid setting up "insurance exchanges" and hence foiling the roll out of Obamacare:
"Resisting the implementation of exchanges is good for hiring and investment. The law's employer mandate assesses penalties -- up to $3,000 per employee -- only to businesses who don't satisfy federally-approved health insurance standards and whose employees receive 'premium assistance' through the exchanges."
In other words, a state that declines to set up an exchange will protect the businesses of that state from avoidable and job-killing penalties.
On accepting the Obamacare tax instead of signing up for insurance. (Personally, as self-employed I've always carried catastrophic health insurance, though luckily I've never used any of it. It still costs me a lot more than $695/year, so after I look into it more thoroughly, I may be one of those who opts to pay the tax.)


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