Friday, February 24, 2006

Video of the Day

See the type of protest that is used to curtail free speech and intimidate the West! Yet our politicians, leftist intellectuals and MSM seem to think this is normal and ok -- after all Islamists are very sensitive and have their own way of expressing it...

(Click on Red tab at top of page to launch the video) Courtesy Michelle Malkin

Update: I had been wondering what the signs in the protest saying "Remember Khaibar" meant, this post explains it.

Update2: When you watch the video, realize that none of these protesters were harrassed in any way, yet counter-demonstrators at a similar protest were arrested for "provoking trouble" because they were carrying images of Muhammed. It sure doesn't bode well for England.


Blogger Tired Immigrant said...

A good blog, but -- respectfully -- I have a single point of criticism: Malkin is no friend of freedom. She's a staunchly anti-immigrant Republican.

Link to her when she posts something good, sure; but... blogrolling her on your main page does you injustice.

9:18 PM  

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