Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All For One - Reprints

A very close friend of mine, Wayne M., wants to help expose as many people as possible to the ideas in my “All For One” article -- and as a result has offered to print and ship copies of the article to anyone interested in distributing them on college campuses. Resources are limited, so materials will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone interested should email him by March 17 at the following address: allforonedistribution@hotmail.com (Please note that, other than having written the article, I am not involved in this distribution project -- so please use the email address rather than leaving messages here.)


Blogger Apollo said...

I just finished reading your 'All for One' article and I loved it!

It was perfect, I only wish we had leaders that would say some of the things you said.

One of your last paragraphs really caught my attention though:

"For if we fail to reverse our pattern, men will continue to learn that their rights are a sham, that the government’s promise to protect the individual is a hoax, and that only by refraining from thinking and speaking out might they be momentarily safe. Men will then go on to realize that they must seek out true protectors, in the form of some gang; ethnic, religious or otherwise; who may afford them a measure of security, albeit at the cost of complete obedience. Eventually the gangs will fight it out in an effort to wrest absolute power and to subjugate the others."

It reminded me of an article called 'The Fate of the State' by MARTIN VAN CREVELD.

I highly recommend it; it talks about the failure of the state and people turning to non-state forces (clans, gangs, tribes) to do what the state used to do.

I don’t agree with all the premises or conclusions, but it’s an interesting read.

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