Saturday, March 18, 2006

Egyptian Expelled From University For Speaking Freely

LGF has the story. I also liked a few of the comments to the post:

#20 It's sad this happens and will again, but it's also a necessary stage in the opening up of the debate on Islam. Of course, in the countries at the heart of Islam, the Arab and Persian, Pakistani and Afghan countries, anyone trying to break the ban on speaking about the issues will be strongly attacked. They cannot afford to have voices from the heart of Islam asking the same questions the infidels are asking or pointing to the same inconsistencies in what Islam and the Koran say and what is done, and where the Koran really does advocate evil acts against innocents, simply because they are considered unbelievers.

But though we pray for his safety and the safety of others, like the Iranian released to house arrest after six years of detention for speaking out, though we are grateful for some signs of mercy, there can be no let-up, from inside (the hardest thing to do) or outside where we are not in physical danger but sometimes our daily lives are so caught up in the moment that we forgot to do our part to keep the pressure on from afar. Even if it's just one post or visit to a blog where someone on the inside of the struggle may read your words of encouragement and agreement, one small seed is worth the time it takes. And in this war we'll need many small seeds. Oceans of them!

#22 This is a twenty-two year old student. When I was twenty-two I was a total dumbass. I give him a lot of credit. Men and women much older than he should have as much courage.

#32 You know, instead of granting visas to the taliban and letting them study at Yale, how about the USA start helping these true reformers of Islam come to America and speak out here? THAT is the kind of immigration I would support!

#50 I have never heard even one person who claimed to be a devout Muslim say that Americans, Jews, and true Muslims should join together to smash the barbarians who have hijacked their beloved religion. I've heard apostate Muslims and Christian and Secular Arabs say it, but never someone who considered themselves devout.

We're judging them by the yardstick they gave us.


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