Thursday, March 09, 2006

Odds and Ends

This post by Jason Pappas over at IBA is an important reminder of how sceptically one must read the MSM, particularly politically-motivated ones such as the NY Times. (Not showing the cartoons is just one aspect of their careful and selective omission of important news items.) I have added Jason's site to the blog roll as well.

6thColumn points out a new set of "heretical" contests, including one for poetry. The winner will receive the Asma b'Marwan Prize. Why?
"We're launching this literary contest to bring attention to the plight of Danish cartoonists who live in hiding for fear for their lives because they exercised their freedom of expression, and we’re calling for poets and artists to speak out for intellectual freedom," said Charles Martel, the contest's organizer.

"Most people don't realize that Mohammed ordered the murder of a poet who poked fun at him and then sanctioned the stabbing of Asma b'Marwan because she dared to criticize such crimes with her own poetry," said Martel.
LGF carries both the UCLA cartoon unveiling and the Undercurrent's valiant effort to get the cartoons on to various college campuses. (The comments to the posts are mostly off-topic, but I do enjoy Lazarus' writing and wish more people would join him.)


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