Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shame on NYU

Here is the text of an open email I just sent NYU (
Shame on NYU

This email is to voice my shock and dismay at the cowardice and hypocrisy displayed by NYU in limiting the public’s access to tonight’s important free speech event. I am sure you are already aware of the vital importance of free speech and of academic freedom, and that you fully understand the true test of these principles comes only when someone disagrees with them. You are now faced with such a moment, and by giving in to Muslim intimidation, you have not only failed to uphold your stated principles, but are actively emboldening those who seek to curtail and eventually eliminate all such freedom. Shame on you for abandoning what you know to be right.

Amit Ghate
I'd urge everyone to send their own version.


Blogger Wayne M. said...

Here is a copy of the letter I sent. I post it in the hope that others will take the time to voice their support of quality values...

Dear Sir,

My niece, XXXXX XXXXX, a budding academic, has applied to your institution based primarily on my recommendation. Unfortunately, I can no longer advise her, in good conscience, to accept any offer to attend your institution.

My change in position is the result of the utter dismay I felt on hearing that NYU had decided to limit freedom of speech by forcing the Objectivist Club to choose between showing a cartoon that might be objectionable to some, or being allowed to express their views and ideas to the general public. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to think, to reach conclusions and express one's views without fear of coercion of any kind. And it must include the right to express unpopular and offensive views, including outright criticism of religion. To limit freedom of speech in this way was to betray the very tenets upon which your institution is based.

As such, I cannot recommend to any student, much less one who aspires to think for herself, that she attend such an immoral and unprincipled institution as yours.

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