Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Speaking of Weird Death Cults...

James Taranto had a Best of the Web piece Friday (see the section: "Docs for Starvation") where he concludes: "It does seem as though the political left is turning into some sort of weird death cult, doesn't it?"

I am no fan of the left, but Taranto's comment is rather ironic given that the ideology motivating the religious right really is a death cult. What to make of the fact that millions of people wear a cross--an instrument of torture and execution--around their necks? Or that it is meant to symbolize and glorify the death of the cult's founder? Or that cult members ritually eat the flesh and drink the blood of the cult founder (either literally or figuratively depending on the denomination) on a weekly basis?

One wonders what witty comments Taranto might have if there were a religious group whose members wore little representations of electric chairs or miniature gallows around their necks...


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