Tuesday, April 11, 2006


After several months now of surfing the web trying to understand the Islamist threat, I have concluded that Little Green Footballs is the single best site for the general reader. It presents the essential facts and best opinion pieces, and does so without any religious overtones. (That's not to say that the editors aren't religious, but that they do a very good job of keeping their personal views out of their commentary). If you have time to only visit one site, I'd recommend that it be LGF.

PS today they point out an interesting article by a Kuwaiti Political Scientist who writes that Muslims bear the responsibility for the West's growing distrust of them. I hope many more people join him in stating such views, including some in our own universities.


Blogger zama202 said...

I'd have to agree. Most of the Islam exposing sites are either pro-Christianity or Christianity appeasing as well. I see alot of the sentiment: "Islam is not a true religion of love and peace but Christianity is". This hardly helps the problem.

Also I see that many secular exposers of Islam a very eager to make "allies" with Christians. Jason Papas' site Liberty and Culture comes to mind. He does a good job of showing the true nature of Islam but never goes the extra mile by connecting it to the problems with faith itself ala Ayn Rand in "Faith and Force" for fear of offending his religous viewers. He even rationalizes it:


There are many sites like that. Its like the David Kelly approach of trying to make friends by conveniently ommitting the religious nature of your newfound allies.

But your right. Everyone should read LGF to keep up with both the Islamic assault on the West and the post-modernists capitulation to it.

BTW, here is anothe good aggregate site:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur. I've been a long time LGF reader. I quit commenting a long time ago, however, when a bunch of racists and/or religionists sort of took over.
Johnson has done a good job of keeping up with what is happening and his readership represents hundreds of dedicated extra eyes and ears for him.

I like to keep up with MEMRI, as well. LGF links to the most interesting translations, but I like to check it for myself. It is fascinating - and eye opening - to see what is being said in Arabic out of one side of someone's mouth, and compare it to what is being said in English out of the other side.

Janet Busch

2:36 AM  
Blogger Amit Ghate said...

Thanks for the comments and links zama and Janet; I hadn't spent much time on either of the sites you mention but will make a point to do so soon.

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