Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Eminent Domain - No Problem

Clearly eminent domain is immoral and must be fought on that basis, but it is also nice to see that without it, cities can thrive and prosper (i.e. that there is no moral/practical trade-off involved). Today's WSJ features an editorial showing how successful the city of Anaheim has been in revitalizing itself -- while steadfastly rejecting the use of eminent domain. From the editorial:
The area is developing quickly, without controversy and without a single piece of property taken by eminent domain. Early signs point to an enormous success. "Too often, I hear my colleagues in local government . . . say that Kelo-type eminent domain and redevelopment policies are their only tools to revitalize cities," Mr. Pringle recently said. "I have a simple message . . . Visit the Platinum Triangle."
Update: Gus Van Horn points out that Houston has no zoning whatsoever and is flourishing as a result. However I'm not sure if they have also banned the use of eminent domain? Perhaps Gus can comment.


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