Saturday, September 15, 2007

Michael O'Leary

I found this OpinionJournal piece on the Ryanair founder both interesting and inspiring. Who wouldn't admire a man who has the audacity to do this:
Most recently, when Britain's Advertising Standards Authority said Ryanair was incorrectly claiming that its flights were faster and cheaper than the Eurostar train for traveling between London and Brussels, he sent the frowning officials a copy of "Mathematics for Dummies."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently just finished reading the book: Michael O’Leary: A Life in Full Flight by Alan Ruddock.

I think it adds to the quote in your blog as it tells the history of the business and how it went from a complete financial and business model mess into the amazing business it is today - thanks to the focus and drive of Michael O’Leary.

I learnt from this book how Michael O’Leary made a success by absolutely and clearly understanding what the business model was and ruthlessly sticking to it. They offer low to almost no cost fares and make money from then selling other products and services. He refuses to ever bend on refunds even when there is a sob story that runs well in the media, charges for everything and if passengers are stranded in a remote airport due to delays they shrug and say “we cannot help” (as you paid bugger almost nothing to get here safely and we have done that).

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