Monday, November 24, 2008

The American Spirit in Microcosm

This letter, whether real or apocryphal, is fascinating because it shows both the best of the American Spirit (the individualist "can-do" attitude) and its fatal flaw, i.e. the attempt to justify the good on altruistic grounds (e.g. justifying his existence by the jobs he created and the charity he indulged in). When Americans can simply say, "I create" or "I produce" and that is why I'm good, the battle will be won. It's up to us to show them why that's true.


Blogger Fortitudine said...

The letter is real.

Great blog, by the way. Thanks for the link.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Fortitudine said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Obama supporters response:

Ha! Thanks for the laugh. What a crock of whiney crapola. If the top rate tax rate goes up by 3% he's going to be hurting? Does he know that's what it was in the 90's when he was also doing his business? Wow, that must have been a downer decade. Oh, nope, it wasn't. Does he know that the top rate was 50% in the early 70's when a conservative was president...wasn't that good ole "how America used to be?" Or how about a 70% top rate in the 1950's under Eisenhower? Boy, America sure musta sucked back then. You'd think no businesses got started then, but wrong...they boomed.

This dude's trucks are busting up the roads and polutin so he should pay higher taxes as he busts them up and uses more resources than the average Joe. ha! And I doubt after all his business write-offs he even pays much in taxes federally.

And btw, most of the ACORN and CRA program loans aren't the ones defaulting...a small proportion actually. This dude needs to do more homework and stop whining because the geezer and babe from Alaska with nary a brain lost.

And the conservatives blaming everything on Clinton is precious. I wish I could blame current problems at my job from my successor 8 years ago. BTW, Gore (if he had won) was going to revisit that bi-partison (mostly sponsored by republicans) Commodity Futures Modernization Act that Clinton signed in Dec 2000. Bush said, nope, it looks darn fine. The Bush administration also rebuffed 50 states in 2005 that wanted to push the SEC to do more than it was doing.

Politicians may suck, but at least now we're going to have a president that listens and THINKS! Party up.

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