Monday, May 17, 2010

The Nonsensical Notion of ‘Unearned Income’

Pajamas Media has published my latest editorial: The Nonsensical Notion of ‘Unearned Income’. Its basic theme is to show how the flawed notion of “Unearned” Income is the result of more fundamental Marxist ideas.

Unfortunately (though quite understandably) they cut my closing paragraph. Originally the final two paragraphs read:
Though President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the rest of our leaders may not be explicit Marxists, unfortunately they still fall sway to Marx’s guiding ideas. If we’re to rescue the country from the damage they’re doing, it’s this deeper ideology we must challenge.

To do so, I can recommend no better starting point than Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. Her novel stirringly demonstrates the critical importance of man's mind in production. It uncompromisingly defends the justice of treating the products of thought as earned. And it provides a poignant glimpse of what life could be like were we win the battle of ideas.In this regard, Atlas Shrugged is not just an antidote to today’s politics; it’s also fuel for the mind--and for the soul.
In any case, please feel free to stop by and leave comments, as these encourage editors to publish future submissions.


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