Friday, October 12, 2012

Dr Peikoff on the Election

Here's Dr. Leonard Peikoff's take on the upcoming election.  His reasoning makes sense to me.


Anonymous Steve D said...

He says: 'while I approve of the selection of Ryan, I do not believe that an isolated subordinate can change the nature or results of an administration.’

That may be true, but one factor in favor of Mitt Romney is that he chose a man more independent, intelligent and capitalist than himself. It may hint that that he has a modicum of self esteem.

The fact that Romney chose Ryan might also suggest that he is more capitalist and individualist (in his heart of hearts) than he is willing to admit to the public. While I don’t really approve of tricking Americans into capitalism, at least with Romney at the helm the movement towards dictator ship will not be conscious and intentional. He also surely knows that a true capitalist could not be elected in today’s culture.

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