Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opening the Floodgates

Let's hope that the gist of this editorial is true and that the lapdog media and the Obama fanboys will no longer give him a pass on every issue.

Here's the editorial's conclusion following a list of prominent "liberals" who have criticized Obama and are now going to vote for Romney:

For four years, such comments were entirely off-limits. It's not that Democrats, centrists or other thoughtful people didn't have legitimate gripes. They just couldn't air them without being labeled a racist, a hater or a traitor to the liberal cause.
Now, suddenly, it's OK to say you're disappointed in Obama's leadership. It's OK to wonder if he's overrated. It's OK to blame him for the ongoing lousy economy and foreign policy fiascoes. And, after years avoiding Obama altogether, comedians are willing to make him the butt of jokes.

For any other politician, this wouldn't mean much. But now that the massive dam protecting Obama from criticism all these years has cracked, the results could be catastrophic. Who knows? Maybe the mainstream press will even decide to cover Obama fairly.


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