Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Results of Faith

In one of today’s WSJ editorials, Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, gives more evidence of how terrible life is under Islam, particularly for women. But she completely undermines her call for help when she says:
“Muslim women across the world are caught in a terrible predicament. They aspire to live by their faith as best they can, but their faith robs them of their rights.”
If -- despite understanding that their faith strips them of their rights -- she and other Muslim women are unwilling to follow their minds and let go of their irrational religion, how can they appeal to anyone else to do something about it? And by what means could it be done?

The arguments which Ms. Ali's presents in her editorial would only make sense if she held that reason is supreme and faith invalid -- but she obviously does not. For if she did, she would begin by convincing the abused women whom she allegedly defends to give up their faith and adopt a better, more rational, approach to living. Yet this is not even a conceivable option!

And that it is not, sadly suggests that there really is no hope for them.

But they can at least serve as a lesson to those free men and women who still do not see the true dangers of acting on faith…


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