Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lifeboat Scenarios

I enjoyed Diana's post on the subject. And I agree with her conclusion:
Rather, as can be seen from Dr. Peikoff's remarks, the problem with "lifeboat ethics" is that the proposed scenarios are concocted so as to produce irresolvable conflicts between people. By various artificial constraints, they make life in society impossible. They preclude any rational solutions to the problem at hand. Is it then any wonder that the results are unseemly? Of course not.

The simple fact is that lifeboat scenarios do not reflect the most basic facts about human nature, namely our distinctively human methods of producing and trading the values required to sustain life. Consequently, moral principles cannot be applied to such scenarios, nor induced from them.


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This post is a response to an earlier thread..
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Anonymous Lucy said...

I wonder why it is that people still so often turn to these lifeboat examples when arguing moral issues? They're cliches that come up again and can see them coming from a mile away! I was wondering if they somehow fall under the category of arguing from polemics. As in, "who cares if it makes sense, I will latch onto any premise in an attempt to disprove my opponent." ??? They certainly are rationalistic in that they attempt to make an arbitrary fictional scenario the starting point. So annoying when people won't take reality into account....

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