Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fishy Behavior

There have been many good letters written, some posted as comments to Diana's post, others posted to the OActivist email list. I particularly liked Hannah Krening's from the latter list, which I reprint with her permission.
Subject: fishy behavior

Good morning!

You asked for reporting of "fishy" behavior. I see fishy people everywhere (and they don't even know they're fishy!).

I have seen actual videos on YouTube of people protesting your plan to provide health care for all. They all seem to think that you will not run this program well. They ignore the astounding success of Medicare and military health care, which any senior citizen or member of the armed forces knows is the best in the universe.

I've seen seniors who fear that they will be shelved, and people with medical conditions who believe that pursuing the options of their choosing is actually something they should reasonably be able to do as free citizens. Imagine the nerve of these mobs of undesirables in our country! Perhaps you will move them to the bottom of the waiting list when your wonderful plan goes through. It will serve them right!

I know of a soldier who is actually concerned because the Army dentist told her before she deployed to Afghanistan that all those little tiny cavities in her mouth could wait until after she has been away serving her country for a year. I'm sure you will agree that this soldier is simply expecting too much from her government-supplied health care.

And you need to add some Canadians to your list of suspected dissidents. They actually have the nerve to go to the US and pay out of pocket for care when they are told their heart problems and cancers will need to continue to progress in their bodies while they work their way up the waiting list (and slip down a bit sometimes when More Important Government People are moved to the top of the list). How unreasonable and just plain impatient of them!

I certainly hope you will budget for gulags and re-education camps for all these terribly unreasonable people. After all, the government can always get more funds -- from somewhere....

A Fan of Slavery


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